Blood-Red White & Blue

Revolutions Per Minute, 4 minutes

Blood-Red White & Blue
  • Blood-Red White & Blue


Rise Against

So come test me, so come break me,
So come on intoxicate me
With hands tied behind my back, I fight
And wait for you to strike

A new problem we can't stop them,
We're outnumbered and uncautioned,
A rally cry ring out into the night

So pride yourself on what you are,
And hold them all to words they can't take back,
I've seen a place (it comes) to me in dreams
Where fires die but light still shines for us to see

What did you have to say?
Give me your logic, your definition,
The words you twist to justify your position
Of mass starvation and blind air strikes,
Every problem is solved with a fight

Peace won't be found,
Til we're underground,
As long as we live without a sound


Would God bless a murder of the innocents?
Would God bless a war based on pride?
Would God bless a money-hungry government? No.

Would God bless our ineffective court system?
God bless the sweatshops we run.
Would God bless Amerika?
God bless Amerika.

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