Separated (1999 Remastered Version)

Confessions Of The Mind, 4 minutes

Separated (1999 Remastered Version)
  • Separated (1999 Remastered Version)


The Hollies

Why, why ignore me
And keep me out all of the time
Do you think i don't love you
It's only in your mind

You don't give me your reason
You don't explain all your ways
It must be the change of the season
That's all i can say

Was it something that i said
That made you stop loving me
I only want for the best
Not to see you in my life
Makes me so unimportant
I can't live with myself

Gone, gone is tomorrow
I'm only living for today
I never thought you'd ever leave me
Now you have gone away.

Written by CLARKE, ALAN
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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