L.A. Blues

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L.A. Blues
  • L.A. Blues


Tom T. Hall

I got off the airplane 'long about 7:30 in L.A.
What a drag to realize that everything's so different and so same
All my California friends are searchin' for their minds and it's been right there in their heads all the time

L.A. Blues, L.A. Blues
You want me to be like you
Well, there ain't no way

California Charlie met me at my room when I got in
We toasted country pickin' and the health of all our good and mutual friends
Before the mornin' came we put a handle on the world and decided that we'd give it to the squirrels


Soakin' up that sunshine an' eatin' eggs and bacon over light
Sleepin' through the daytime an' contemplatin' sin throughout the night
Please hand me my hat and darlin' give me back my things Ol' T's got a bunch o' songs to sing


I like California, I wouldn't put it down-- no way
But I heard what you're thinkin' and it ain't exactly what I want to say
Some day California I'll come roarin' back to you if you don't fall in the ocean 'fore I do


Written by HALL, TOM T.
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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