My Brother, My Brother

The Grand Tour, 5 minutes

My Brother, My Brother
  • My Brother, My Brother


Aaron Neville

You are my Brother, you are my family
And it seems like only yesterday, we were running wild and free
Down the corner buying candy, or messin' 'round in the neighborhood
Hanging out with you night and day, it was good, so good
Lately I've heard you've got the weight of the world on your shoulder
Times have been rough, I can't turn the other way

My Brother, my Brother, whatcha gonna do
My Brother, my Brother, here to help you
Tell me your sorrows, tell me your fears
My Brother, my Brother, I'll always be here

I know that we are different, and we've gone our separate way
But we've got to learn to accept each other, for who we are today
I know it won't be easy, but we both have got to try
To hold onto each other, until the day we die
Nobody knows you quite the way that I do
And if you're in trouble, come to me, come to me


Whatcha gonna do
I'm here to help you
Tell me

We got the same blood running through our veins, my Brother
Father is the heaven, Mother is the grave
We gotta look out for each other, my Brother
Yeah, that's what we gotta do

Tell me

[Chorus: Repeats]

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