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Back Up Train

Back Up Train, 2m 21sec

Back Up Train
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Al Green

Back up the train
(Back up, train)
Turn it around
(Turn around)

I've got to take my baby
(Got to take my baby)
Oh, wherever I`m bound

I'm a lonely man
Just a lonely man
Need a helping hand
Yeah, yeah

Back up the train
(Back up, train)
Ease the pain
(Ease the pain)
Take me to my baby
(Take me to my baby)

I'm going insane
So, mister conductor
(Turn this train around)
All you gotta do now
(Turn this train around) ohh

Music in my hand
I'm a lonely man
Need a helding hand
Yeah, yeah

So back this train up
That all you gotta do now

I'll never forget the
Girl I left behind
Her tears, her kiss
Her face stay on my mind

I got to make her say
That she'll forgive me
I gotta get back, so, ohh

Baby, baby, baby, baby
I need, I need your
Loving right now, darling

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