Electric Blue, 4 minutes

  • Delicious


Claudia Brücken

Said you were restless
I didn't like your dresses
Thought you would move
To another part of town

I got your message
Been sifting through the wreckage
For this excuse
We called a life

A DIY quickie slow divorce
Marriage vows broken
On the rocks
Mine's a slice
With a G & T
And here's to toast
That you're leaving me

I will not cry 'till the fat lady sings
I cannot fly 'cause you clipped my wings
Now you're the picture of my disgrace
So wipe that pretty smile off your face

I wouldn't say we were incomplete
I can't complain you were so discrete
Kept your liaisons to yourself
My soul distraught now I'm getting out

You were delicious
Could never be malicious
Now you hold a knife
Up to my throat

Of it's own volition
You took your ammunition
Came rushing through the air
Like a UFO

I cannot say that I learnt my lesson well
Your mysterious ways have a lot to tell
Sure got a wicked sense of humour
You stick the knife in
And twist it round

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