Stop Playin'

Acey Duecy, 4 minutes

Stop Playin'
  • Stop Playin'


Anthony David

She was in love with you
You knew it from the first day
Thought it was cute the way you played
Your little pimp game
And now it's different
'Cause she just won't leave you alone, yeah

You've got to understand
That women don't like to play
She just can't cut off her emotions
In the same way
Don't be surprised when she's blowin' you up
On the phone, yeah

Stop playin' games with her heart
You know it's a shame
The way you treated her
Stop playin' games with her heart
Grow up and be a man

You think that just because
You told her from the get go
Now that it's over
She can be like you and let go
But when she laid with you
She broke you off a piece of her spirit

She tried to tell you when you met her
How she was and
And now you're caught up
In this fatal attraction
You can't pretend that in the end
This isn't partly your fault

[Chorus: x2]

This ain't a lesson, this is something
You should already know
Hey, it just comes with maturity
You can't start a fire then get mad
When it grows out of control

[Chorus: x2]

Stop playin' games

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