Throw Your Guns


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Throw Your Guns
  • Throw Your Guns


The Firm

featuring Half-A-Mil

Intro: AZ The Visualiza

why'know, personally, I'm for the paper

As long as we all see doe

(Yo yo, big boys play for large sums) Yeah, uhuh

(Even bitches got their shit tight) Ha ha ha

Aight (If you're wit us throw your guns up, what the fuck?

Form a philly, cock your shit back and bust

Verse One: Half-A-Mil

You acquired the knowledge, my brainwaves cause riots in college

Science scholar in this world of violence and dollars

Firm rappin god from the projects

It ain't hard, from medicate cars to platinum cars, my click is that large

To get they dick licked and back massaged by rich chicks

who rock Versace bras in the drop, watchin the stars

Yo, the conquest is ours, mission accomplished, shittin on Congress

Benz whipped with the 6, on this

8 trillion tonnes, when I appear reptilians run

>From affilions, willions ??? ???

Like Indians, your style's a dream, we pop Cristal and drive Bentley's in

the same streets you can't get a penny in

All my real shootout niggas hear me when

Half-A-Mil shoot out with Bohemians, calicos spittin in

Niggas splittin in the same position they sittin in

What sentencin? We got too much Benjamins

We even got triple six I-E-M plastic currency with ???

Images *?of Quentin?* in, my niggas lay back

We use to pump a G, now we pump 100-K packs

Guns aimed at, destroy your whole world like *?K-mat?*

What part of the game's that? The curse, my hot verse is flame rap

Players got the game trapped, I be the king mack

All my bitches mine til they bring crack.....

Chorus: AZ

Yo yo, big boys play for large sums

Stack up, strategise, watch the cons come

It's all a game, even bitches got their shit tight

On the scene, 18, suckin dick right, and sip right

If you're wit us throw your guns up, what the fuck?

Form a philly, cock your shit back and bust

Verse Two: AZ (aka Sosa)

What? From NY to New Orleans, we all fiends

Court scenes, flashbacks to kidnaps and fought CREAM

Guns bussin, stash house out in Flushing

Corruption, killer men-tal is foul adjustin

Cold nights, handled the streets my whole life

Back off ???? kikes, focus for niggas who lost sight

Travel thought wise, beyond light years, way across skies

Short-i's, so many makin livin off lies

Anti up, hopin my new shorty don't stand me up

It had me stuck, after this session, I plan to fuck

Hot pursuit, a real splittin image of Pop Duke

Block lasoo's, paper player part of my roots

So what'cha grow, Shelley? I lit his game so sincerely

Really, most rap cats couldn't come near me

So it's either or Peter pay Paul, you and yours

Fools are frost, regulate life through rules and laws.....


Verse Three: Half-A-Mil

Firm official, 8-50 I, burnin pistol

Black Magnum P-I, mack V-I, willie hat

Half beehive, wise guy, '95 I

look in my eye, praisin Allah, project aimin rod

Greatest star Agbar, pushin a hot car

Shark Bar, private engagement, live entertainment

I grab mics and I explain it

How I went from the brawns to the brainless

to the minds of the wise and the famous

Nigga's wives admire the guy's arrangers

Kick off their wedding rings to give head to the king

It's just a cheddar thing, amaretta, Armani leather thing

We in to better things like wettin the brains

Jumpin outta stretches and minks, crime connected with link

Up in the club buyin drinks, bitches eyein the spinks

Hustler haters hate us, my guns say "Fuck what they think"

Once I copped a Hummer this summer with a buttoned-up mink


Outro: AZ the Visualiza

Bitches got their shit tight

If you're wit us throw your guns up, what the fuck?

Form a philly, cock your shit back and bust

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