Uh Huh

B2K, 3m 43sec

Uh Huh
  • Uh Huh



Yeah ayo Trick how you gonna come up with something like this man, yeah
When this come on they gone be like uh huh
haha, Red Zone, yo B2K
Yo where you at?

Girl you messed up when you let me in
Told your best friend that you wanted me
Then she called me up and hit me to your steez
Told me you were looking for a guy like me
So I said oh no I ain't the one
Unless shorty really want to have some fun
But she said that you told her I was what you want
When I call you don't try to front, uh huh

I'm the guy in your dreams that you had last night
I'm the Benz with the 20's that you want to drive
I'm the thug in your life that'll treat you right
Got you hooked cause I'm doing everything you like
Uh Huh

[Chorus: x2]
I know that you wanted this, uh huh
Tell me can you handle it, uh huh
Show me how you work them hips, uh huh
And maybe you can roll with it, uh huh

Now we all out in the open
Everybody knows about you and me
Ain't no more need for you and me to creep
I want you so bad I don't care who sees
So girl hold on (hold up)
I got what you want (Uh)
I know you ain't scared to go and have some fun (Some fun)
So let your girlfriend know you found someone
Who be keepin' you tight and sprung, uh huh

[Chorus: x2]

Too much of conversation,
Man its amazing
Spit the game undercover
I'm lethal like Danny Glover
Got you running to your mother making plans for life
Yo I'm only 15 what I need with a wife,
We can walk through the mall while I hold your hips,
And You can hang out the drop while I'm pushing the whip,
Take you on a ride you will never forget
Runnin' home tellin' your friends Lil Fizz is it
Got you hung by the way that I lick my lips
Man I got many dimes I ain't sweatin' this chick
Yo I run these girls from coast to coast
Droppin' game so sick I got em doin' the most
Uh Huh

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