Emotions In Motion

The Essential Billy Squier, 5 minutes

Emotions In Motion
  • Emotions In Motion


Billy Squier

Bend your back by the light o' the sun
You come to the business
You're the number one
When twilight comes you're a runner in the night

It turns you on like a hot tail-light
Get down, you really get down, you never let down
Come down, you never come down, you never come down
Emotions in motion

Back street boy gonna sell you some sin
He'll wind you up, he gonna suck you in
The blood say yes, the mind say no
The voice in your ear say you go, go, go

Run down, you really run down, you really run down
Cool down, you never cool down, you better cool down
Emotions in motion
Give yourself to a life of extremes

You're into the action, it's a part of your dream
Now there're some things you never can tell
But when the door lies open throw your coins in the well
Get down, you really get down, you really get down

Right now, you want it right now, hold tight now
Emotions in motion

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