Lil Love


Strength & Loyalty, 4 minutes

Lil Love
  • Lil Love


Mariah Carey

(Y'all know what this is)
Can I get a little bit a L.O.V.E? (Mariah Carey)
Can ya spend a little bit of dough on me? (Bone Thugs)
Can I get a little bit a ya T.I.M.E (The lil' homeboy Bow Wow)
Boy, if ya wanna make it (Mariah Carey)
Cause ya gotta give a little bit a (What's your perspective?)

Monday we made love (I'm outta love)
Tuesday you had time (And macked it all)
We just break up again, you want me to let you back in
But tonight I'm like no, oh, uh, uh, uh, oh
My mind says no, but my body and soul said yes
I hate this mess, boy; you just ain't no good for me
This ain't the way real love should be

Took you back once, took you back twice
Took you back, three, four, five times
They said your tricks were over
Boy, you've gon' crossed the line
Took you back once, took you back twice
Took you back, three, four, five times
Can't see the love in you; somebody help me!

Give her a lil' bit

Now you look from the jump
And a nigga was thugged out, but you bugged out and start trippin'
Flippin' on me all time, and it's been like this all my life no matter how I try
Guess it's the thug in me; got my mind on my money, man
I'm spending my time on the grind tryin' to shine; I'm concentrating on running thangs
I've been tryin' to hold it down, and you steady tellin' me it's over now
She always talk loud; she always leave me but always come back around
That's just what we go through, and you know it's so true
Every time I slip up she behind me, gon' be right there to remind me...


Uh yeah, ha ha
Just a lil' bit, Layzie!
Give her a lil' bit

Can we take a long walk on the beach, get away from the streets?
Baby girl, me and you need to rendezvous
Cancun next week, how that sound to you?
I've been meaning to spend a little time wit' you
I can tell you fed up from all of the promises I've been making lately
And I had to deliver, but I been so caught in my hustle, tryin' to make this payment
And I should've considered your feelings
I should've been better about it
I should've been grown, not childish
I should've been way more polished
But my hustle done paid off, and I'm ready to spoil you, love
Come look what ya boy gon' do (gon' do); let me make this up to you (to you)


Uh, uh, Bow Wow!
Give her a lil' bit

Weezy, girl, I can't believe what you sayin'
You know you got it; should meet with my fans
But every time I get a break I'm layin'
Where? In your arms all night and day playin'
You want some time, I send you Jacob; want sunshine, then take a vacation
We ain't gon' make it if you keep complainin'; everybody go through changes
Love is a dangerous (thing)
(Why?) It's full of happy and sad faces; break it up to make up later
Talk it out so it ain't no anger
We need more communication; you should have some consideration
Cause you knew from the day we met, what, what type of player you was dealing wit', ha ha


Uh huh, uh huh, Wish!
Give her a lil' bit

Everything I do, just for me and you
Stack a little paper so it's never rainy days
I got you, but just for me, then you got to understand that I hustle, hustle
Diamonds, things, I gotta hustle, hustle; anything that brings the weight up
See, a real thug too - it's in his nature, it's in his nature
Not tryin' to say that you about that paper, but me and you, yes we like that paper
Overseas trips, diamonds on the wrists; you must admit: your boy gets that paper
I like bossin', girl, girl, but you beside me, slide wit' me, slide wit' me
Try and take it away; that's when I ride and ride


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