Coming On Strong

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Coming On Strong
  • Coming On Strong


Brenda Lee

Coming on strong
Coming on strong
I can feel the heartahces
Coming on strong

I Can feel the teardrops
The pain and sorrow
Ever since you've been gone
They've been coming on strong

Pain (pain) Come on in (come on in)
Hello sorrow, I see you're back again (back again)
Teardrops (teardrops) glad you dropped by (you dropped by)
Cause you can help drown my pride

And since you're here (da da da)
The time seems to fly (da da da)
To let you know you're gonna be with me
Til I lose my mind

But you've been gone (da da da)
Much too long (da da da)
And I can feel the heartaches
Coming on strong

Only thing you left me
Was misery for company
Memories of a love gone wrong
That keep coming on strong (coming on strong)

Coming on strong [To Fade]

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