Bruce Willis

Respect Yourself

Motown Year By Year - The Sound Of Young America 1987, 3m 52sec

Respect Yourself
  • Respect Yourself


Bruce Willis

If you disrespect everybody
That you run into
How in the world do you think
Anybody sposed to respect you

If you don't give a heck about
The man with a bible in his hand
Just get out the way and let
The gentleman do his thing

you're the kind of gentleman
That wants everything their way
Take the sheet off yur face boy
Its a brand new day

Respect yourself
Respect yourself
If you don't respect yourself
ain't nobody gonna give a good
Ca-hoot na na na oh oh
Respect yourself

If you're walking around thinking
That the world owes you something
'Cause you're here
You're going out the world backward

Like you did when you first came here
Keep talking about the president
won't stop air pollution
Put your hand over your mouth

When you cough
That'll help the solution

You cuss around women folk
You don't even know their name
Then you're dumb enough to think
That it makes you a big ol man


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