Any River

Dry And Heavy, 3 minutes

Any River
  • Any River


Burning Spear

Down by the riverside. Down by the riverside, Oh I love a
Girl. I love her so, I really, really want her to know.
She could be from Africa She could be from America She
Could be from Jamaica

All I know I love a girl. Oh I love a girl. I love her
So, I really, really want her to know.

Don't break this heart that love you Don't break this

Heart that love you And neither tear it apart I love you,
Oh yes, it's true, dear I will hold you tight tonight

Have something real nice to say, Have something real nice
To say, We will hold hands in hands We will sing, I
Think, happy songs. We will be, I think, side by side
Down by the riverside The beautiful riverside

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