Find My Way

Anthology, 5 minutes

Find My Way
  • Find My Way



Find my way,
I must leave you, try to find my way
I can't take it, Love, another day
Please don't stop me, Let me go and find my way

You got me so uptight,
You keep saying that I'm wrong when I'm right
And you do it just for spite
I think you're out to break my poor heart,
I am gonna stop you before you start

And those games you play,
Those are silly little games to play
If you carry on, then please just stay away
I won't give myself to you, not one more day

I've got to make that break,
Can't put me through changes that I just can't take,
Cause I don't get what you're saying

You say you love me, that's no guarantee
When we're together a star hits the sea
And it strikes a tree, please let me go free,

Hey, hey

find my way, find my way
Find my way, find my way
Find my way, find my way
Find my way, find my way

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