Done Stealin'

Coming To Terms, 3m 38sec

Done Stealin'
  • Done Stealin'


Carolina Liar

If I had the chance to say
Remove the walls, lets clean the slate
Would it make us new?

Should we find a way to start
Without the mess we've made this far?
Would it make us new?

I've seen this movie once before
Don't need to see the end no

I cant get away and you will never leave me
Addicted to the game, its time to make it easy
I cant get enough, so I have to do the right thing
And give you back cause I'm done stealin'

If someone looked into our case
And said our files could be erased
Would that make us new?

Just tell me when and where to sign
I'll check in and do the time
And tell the truth

Cause I've seen this movie twice before
Don't need to see the end, no


I know that we can make our dreams come true
Is a crime committed? we misunderstood
Oh yeah oh yeah!
Cause I'm done stealin'

If a jury read your mind
You'd go away for quite some time
Would that make us new?

[Chorus: x2]

Truly that is something I believe

Written by Martin, Max / Karlsson, Tobias Erik / Wolfinbarger, Chad / Aldeheim, Par
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

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