Song Of Blue

Beer For My Horses, 4 minutes

Song Of Blue
  • Song Of Blue


Carter's Chord

Sing to me a song that's blue
I'll paint my eyes blue, that's what I'll do
If the sun is shining through, I'll smile for you
I'll smile for you

Cause I'm in love with your music
And I'm with love with your song
And I'm in love with a daze
Make the moment seem long
You make the moments seem long

Sing to me a song that bleeds
So I can hold your wounds close to me
And have you feel like kissing me baby
I'll try hard to breathe
I'll try my hardest to breathe


Now I'm sick of the world
Laying emptiness by my feet
Now I'm sick of the lies
That keep burning my mind till it burns

You came from a shore that can wash my hands clean
Now I'm free
I'm freedom [unknown]


Make the moments seem long

Written by e. robertson
Published by Big Lick Music

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