Faded Pictures

Personal Conversation, 3m 52sec

Faded Pictures
  • Faded Pictures



[Verse 1]
She was more than a woman a goddess for all it seems,
And all I ever needed was her right here lovin' me,
For a while we were cool and the groovin' love was on,
But I still remember, how it felt when our love was gone.
[Chorus 1]
In a tattered picture book
Was a photograph she took, years ago,
Secret memories in her mind,
How could love be so unkind, heartbreak time.
[Chorus 2]
Faded pictures in a broken glass,
Like a mirror revealing, what the women is feeling.
Was it someone from a distant past,
Cause its breaking my heart to watch her stare into the glass.
[Verse 2]
As she turned through the pages the tears rolled down her face,
I could see her reminiscing, why her life had to be this way.
Then she stopped then she came to a page where her diary ends,
To smell the scent of old rose, from her lover I suppose.
[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

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