This Is Your Life

Pops, We Love You, 3 minutes

This Is Your Life
  • This Is Your Life



Do what you want to do
So much in life to see you through
Be what you want to be
Be strong and tell the world you're free

I see the children of the world
Searching to find themselves
And who they are
So many roads for them to choose, yeah

So many ways for them to win or lose
Oh this is your life
Ohh yeah, yeah
Oh this is your life

Ohh yeah, yeah
Round and round we go
People come and people go
Love makes the world go round

The game we play is lost and found
We close our minds to what we see
A world of pain and hate and poverty
Somehow we all must find a way

To make this world for all a better place
Oh this is your life
Ohh yeah, yeah
Oh this is your life

Yeah, yeah
This is your life, yes it is
Yeah, yeah
This is your life, aw this is your life

Yes it is, yeah
Ohh this is your life
Yeah, yeah
I see you there

Dyin' in your wisdom
Where do you go
Tell me where do you go
Just see the light

Shinin' through your window
Why can't you see
Tell me now, why can't you see
Your walkin' down

Life's lonesome road
Yes you are, yes you are
Where do you turn
Where do you turn

I'm longin' to see
If your search will find
Aw peace of mind yeah, yeah, yeah
Peace of mind aw

Do what you want
Cause time is your captive
This is your life, babe
Aw this is your life

This is your life well, well
This is your life...

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