The Question

Tony Moran Presents: Freestyle Hits And Beyond, 5 minutes

The Question
  • The Question



It's been so long since I've seen you last
There's so many things I have to ask
Please stop awhile and let me have some time
So tell me what have you've been doing with yourself
I'd like to know
To be honest you are always on my mind
I think about the times we had
So much good it makes me mad
To think that you just walk away
Without a word to say

The question that I have to ask since
I have the chance to ask it is, after all this time gone by please tell me why
The question that burns in my mind
That I've been living with deep down inside
Is why you never said goodbye

The scars have taken time to heal
But now you're here once more I feel
The pains that were subdude return again
Not a word you said to me
Before you left that day
Please tell me honestly and by my friend
I think about the times we had
So much good it makes me mad
What did I do please let me know
Was it so bad it made you go


I will be stong
You took our love
And threw it all away


The question

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