Dangerous Man (2003 Remaster)

6 x 6 - Eighties, 4 minutes

Dangerous Man (2003 Remaster)
  • Dangerous Man (2003 Remaster)


Culture Club

He could word it out like a dangerous man
How could you value his intentions?
Martin had the devil just like anyone can
He spoke words they were frightened to mention

Yesterday ain't gone
We just pushed it aside
Out in the jungle
There ain't nowhere you can hide
There's a different smile on your face today
Though you wear it well there's a lot to say
There's a different mood in the world tonight
If we can do it good we can do it right

John he washed it over with a confidence tan
I know peace and love ain't prevention
Brian in the closet with his master-plan
Build them up its so sad they forget you


[Repeat: x2]
Are we not men, did you save us?
Are we not men, did you try, did you try?

We have been [Repeat: x3]
We have been denied

I could word it out like a dangerous man
If they landed here we'd collect them
Yellow, black or white here in the circus of man
I don't know, I don't care, I forget you


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