Cyndi Lauper

I'll Kiss You

She's So Unusual, 4m 12sec

I'll Kiss You
  • I'll Kiss You


Cyndi Lauper

Went down to the local gypsy
And I handed her the same line--
'You know what I want from you
So honey won't ya gimme number nine'
'Cause you know lately I ain't feelin so great--
Last time she gave me love potion number eight
And you know pretty baby how I think you're pretty smart
But one sip from this bottle and I'll tear you all apart--

The gypsy told me that the first thing
That would happen you get dizzy
Second thing you better make sure
That your boyfriend isn't busy
'Cause you won't want to eat
And you won't want to drink
You won't want to talk
And you won't want to think
My mother used to tell me not to kiss on this first date
This time when I see you, you know I ain't gonna wait!

I'll kiss you
Gonna corner you and not let you go
I'll kiss you
Don't tell me nothing--I--I--don't want to know
And twidely--dee--and twidely--dumb
I'll kiss you, I'll kiss you, I'll kiss you

Hopped into a taxi, and I told the driver
Got to get me cross town
Killed the bottle, started seeing double
When the driver turned around
And though I was a failure with love potion number eight
Number nine was different and the hour's getting late
Now I'm standing on the corner
Everyone looks great to me
And if you come and get me take me where I want to be--

I'll kiss you...
I'll kiss you
I'll kiss you

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