Walk With Me

Queen of Pain, 4 minutes

Walk With Me
  • Walk With Me


Devil Doll

When I heard of you doing what lovers do
with somebody new, I knew
That I had to see you once again,
although I know we've seen the end
but just for tonight let's just pretend...
Oh, Walk with me
Oh baby like it used to be
No need to tell me that you still love me
‘cause I know these things
so just walk with me
When I saw the band around the finger of your left hand
I knew that never again could you be my man
And I cried as I laughed at all your jokes
You kissed me and held me oh so close
why I let go of you, I'll never know
and I won't tell nobody
if you don't tell nobody
‘cause nobody can understand what we have
Now go ‘cause she thinks that she's the one for you
I can't believe this is my last goodbye to you
You tell me you hope that all of my dreams come true
oh but before you leave me...

Written by CAROLE KING
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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