Diana Damrau Soprano

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    "Immer noch traurig, geliebte Konstanze"Diana Damrau Soprano
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    Nr. 6 Arie: "Ach ich liebte, war so glücklich"Diana Damrau Soprano
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    "Halt ein, nicht ein Wort!" ... "Herr! Verzeih, dass ich es wage" ... "Triumph, Triumph, Herr!"Diana Damrau Soprano
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    Nr. 11 Arie: "Martern aller Arten"Diana Damrau Soprano
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    "Mein bestes Fräulein, noch immer so traurig?" ... "Nun, Konstanze, denkst du meinem Begehren nach?"Diana Damrau Soprano
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        To many, Diana Damrau is the complete coloratura soprano: with a beautiful voice and astounding technique that allow her to reach the highest notes with seeming ease, she has a keen sense for drama, giving her operatic characters real emotions and total believability. She also exudes a likeable quality on-stage, and, her many fans eagerly note, sex appeal. While she is perhaps best known for roles in Mozart and Richard Strauss operas, her repertory takes in operas by Vivaldi, Be... Read more

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