Diamonds Make Babies

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Diamonds Make Babies
  • Diamonds Make Babies


Dierks Bentley

Yeah man, that sure is one big old rock
It takes up half of that velvet box
I know you’ve given this a lot of thought
You’re gonna get a ‘yes’ for sure

That thing is more than just a simple stone
It’s got some crazy powers all its own
Something will happen when she slips it on
They never tell ya at the jewelry store

Yep, diamonds make babies
And babies make mammas
And mammas make daddies make changes they don’t always wanna
I know that you love her
She’s one special lady
But I’m warning you brother
Yep, diamonds make babies

You’ll talk about it on the honeymoon
You’ll both agree that it’s way too soon
Next thing you know she’s seein’ pink and blue
Everywhere she goes


Oh, yes they do


Mmm, I know this sounds crazy
But diamonds make babies

Oh, good luck bro
It’s gonna be great

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