The Woods

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The Woods
  • The Woods


Dierks Bentley

I know a little place we can go
Two rights, a left, a right passed the liquor store
There’s a little trail only me I might know
With nothing but tall pines and my hand to hold

Is where I smoked my first smoke
Drank beer from a can
Kissed the first girl,
Skipped school with my friends
Where I went to turn bad times to good
Come on lay with me, no better place to be
Our little secrets safe in these trees,
'Cause out here baby it’s just understood
What happens in the woods, stays in the woods

No city lights, no nine to five tonight
Just you and me kissing while the moon and the stars shine
Yeah dancing in the breeze, maybe drink a little red wine
Roll around in the leaves, from the world we’ll hide


Come on girl, leave your iPhone at home
We’re gonna kick it way back
With a blanket and a radio
I know a little place where we could go and lay low


Come on baby let’s go out to the woods.

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