Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)

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Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)
  • Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)


Donnie McClurkin

Hail Jesus! You're my King!
Your life frees me to sing
I will praise You all of my days
You're perfect in all Your ways

Hail Jesus! You're my Lord!
I will obey Your word
Because I want to see Your kingdom come
Not my will but Yours be done

Glory, glory to the Lamb!
You will take us into the land
We will conquer in Your name
And proclaim that "Jesus reigns!"

Hail, hail! Lion of Judah!
How wonderful You are!
Hail, hail! Lion of Judah!
How powerful You are!

He's the Lion in the Tribe of Judah
He's the Root and the Offspring of David
He's the Lily of the Valley
He's the Bright and Morning Star

The Lion of Judah shall break every chain and give to us the victory again and again

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