Put Your Hands Together

Live At The Royal Albert Hall, 7 minutes

Put Your Hands Together
  • Put Your Hands Together


Dusty Springfield

Quiet please, there's a lady on stage
She may not be the latest rage
But she's singing and she means it
And she deserves a little silence

Quiet please, there's a woman up there
And she's been honest through her songs
Long before your consciousness was raised
Doesn't that deserve a little praise

So put your hands together and help her along
All that's left of the singer's
All that's left of the song
Stand for the ovation
And give her one last celebration

Quiet please, there's a person up there
And she's been singing of the things
That none of us could bear to hear for ourselves
Give her your respect if nothing else

Quiet please, there's a lady on stage
Conductor, turn the final page
And when it's over we can all go home
But she lives on -- on the stage alone.

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