I Want You Now

Twelve Stops And Home, 4 minutes

I Want You Now
  • I Want You Now


The Feeling

It's never gonna work
I don't know what I'm doing in here
My innards go bezerk
Yeah, every time your voice gets near
But when I get under control
I see you ache for it and all
I'll get some sugar for your bowl
I've got some lemon for your soul

Some twinkle for your eye
getting sick of being this alone
They think it's not right
Each to their very little own

I want you now
I don't care how
We're both too young to be sitting around
I want you now
I want you now

You make me sure
You make me live
and that's what's more than I ever could give
I don't know how
But I want you now

So Timmy goes to school
And Jimmy goes to work all day
But we just hang around
And think of clever things to say
But you deserve to get your wish
But you don't know what it is
First it was that and now it's this
But there's one thing that you've missed

Together we'll be fine
Least we can say we won't be lonely
I'll never wanna be alone


I want you now
I don't care how
We're both too young
To sit around
I want you now
I want you now-ow-ow-ow

Yeah, yeah-ah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-eah


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Written by Sells, Daniel Giles / Jones, Richard Peter / Jeremiah, Kevin Francis / Stewart, Paul Ronald / Jeremiah, Ciaran David
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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