Foxy Brown

Interlude ... The Set Up


Ill Na Na, 1m 00sec

Interlude ... The Set Up
  • Interlude ... The Set Up


Foxy Brown

Welcome to the Shark Bar, do you have reservations?
Yeah, two for Brown
Right this way

Yo whattup?
We need to talk
Talk about what?
I'm stressed the fuck out
What are you stressed out about?
This relationship... this relationship!
This shit ain't goin right
You fuckin crazy?
Excuse me, excuse me
Calm down, you always make shit
Yo what I told you about that shit?
Miss Brown?
Nigga you always, yes?
You have a courtesy call at the desk
Hold on baby

If I could take this back, I would
Yeah yeah, whatever man, fuck you and your tits babe fuhreal
If I can play again I will
I should, go on back and play more, fuck that
Probably thinks that she's taken though
Yo motherfucker, we ain't come to talk, you bitch
Yeah motherfucker The Firm nigga
Fuck y'all talkin about man?
Firm motherfucker
Y'all know who the fuck I am? Y'all know who the fuck I am?
The Firm nigga, The Firm... the Firm nigga
Y'all fuckin' crazy?

Written by MARCHAND, INGA D. / , Y
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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