Loving Pauper - Live

Live In London 1991, 2 minutes

Loving Pauper - Live
  • Loving Pauper - Live


Freddie McGregor

I'm not in a position to maintain you
The way that you're accustomed to
Can't take you out to fancy places
Like other fellows that I know can do
I'm only able to romance you
& make you tingle with delight
Financially, I'm a pauper
But when it comes to lovin' I'm alright
Alright alright

Don't show me what you're friends are wearing
I really don't want to see
Don't tell me what your friends are buying, girl
'Cause money doesn't grow on trees
I got so many patches on my clothes, girl
A hole in the bottom of shoe
Financially, I'm a pauper
But when it comes to lovin I'm alright
Alright alright

You do really think I can buy you girl
Or drive you in a GT car
If you're hungry, girl, I can't feed you
For my money, girl, you won't get far
Tell me about the things that excite you
That makes you tingle with delight
Tell me where to hold & touch you
So you got to tell me, I'm alright
Alright alright

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