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  • Tenderness


General Public

Aaahh, aaah, aah, oh!
Aaahh, aaah, aah, oh!

I don't know where to start or where to stop
my lucks like a button
I can't stop pushing it
my head feels light
but I'm still in the dark
seems like without tenderness there's something missing

Tenderness, where is the
Tenderness, where is it
I don't know where I am but I know I don't like it
I open my mouth and out pops something spiteful
words are so cheap
but they can turn out expensive
words like conviction can turn into a sentence

I held your hands
rings but none on that finger
we danced and danced
but I was scared to go much further with it
just half a chance
make sure that one night you're here but
next night you're not
it always leaves me searching for a little

Tenderness, Tenderness, Tenderness, where is the Tenderness

Whistling in the graveyard
calling up your girlfriend
just trying to make her understand
you're squeezing the telephone like it was her hand
no question
so many questions
she's going to catch you out boy
it all seems so underhand
now she's the only thing that ever made you feel like a man, man
madman madman

Where is the Tenderness, Where is the Tenderness, where is it


Tenderness, tenderness, tenderness
where is the Tenderness

When you're sick to death of second best, pet
why should the morning always find you unimpressed?
is your love like a button?
you can't stop pushing it?
oh this all night longing can be such a long time

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