Gladys Knight

I Don't Want To Know

Just For You, 5m 48sec

I Don't Want To Know
  • I Don't Want To Know


Gladys Knight

Gave you the best
Best years of my life and I
Gave you a woman
Who stood by your side
Through all your ups and downs
Your rights and all your wrongs
And God knows there were wrongs
I should've been long gone, but when I
Made you that promise
For better or worse I said I'd
Stand by your side
I swallowed my pride
And now you're asking me to understand
And I'm telling you I can't
Why should Icare about your feelings
When you don't give a damn about mine

And I don't want to know
I couldn't care less about your feelings
Don't you know
You should've cared about mine
And I don't want to know
It really doesn't matter why you're leavin'
You should know
You're really throwin' away your life
And I won't sympathize
You've hurt me for the last time
Got no more tears to cry

Gave you three hearts
One boy and one girl and a
Woman who loves you
We're sittin' here falling apart
All through your ins and outs
Your fears and all your doubts
And God knows there's been doubts
But we've given you a home, and you're just
Throwing it away baby
All for some girl born yesterday
And what about your children
There is nothing to explain
But still you're asking us to understand
Well I'm telling you we can't
Why should we care about your reasons
When you're walking right out of our lives


Say goodbye
To all the love and memories
One last time, one good look at all the love
That won't be in your life
Say goodbye
I hope that you'll be happy
Don't look back, 'cuz it'll be too late
I've gone with my life


Written by LOFGREN, NILS
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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