Hayes Carll

It's A Shame

Trouble In Mind, 3m 48sec

It's A Shame
  • It's A Shame


Hayes Carll

The time has come, there is no second chance
We've been drifting on an empty aching sea
You were the girl I never knew I wanted
I was the boy you hoped you'd never see

And it's a shame that we ain't lovers
We could have been somethin' so big and grand
Just kissin' for hours underneath that sweet magnolia
Beggin' for answers, tryin' to make a stand

Been burnin' up the hours, talkin' to the midnight
Just dreamin' of ways I could hold you next to me
And maybe it just wasn't meant, all things have a reason
And maybe our hearts were just to careless and free


There was a time, you would have had me
There was a time when I could have had you
Well it's too late, another path has come and gone again
I'm at the back door with a broken window view, thinkin'

[Chorus: x2]
Trying to make a stand
Trying to make a stand
Trying to make a stand

Written by HAYES CARLL
Published by BUG MUSIC

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