Leave Me Alone (Live)

Live And Kickin' - [The Dave Cash Collection], 3 minutes

Leave Me Alone (Live)
  • Leave Me Alone (Live)


Hugh Cornwell

Leave me alone
Gimme some space
Give it the zero
Got out of my face
Just take a powder
Swallow it whole
Just take a walk
Out into nowhere
Leave me alone
Been here before
It always ends up the same
Got nothing to say
It's all got to do with fame
Give me a new road
Tell me it's paved with gold
Just take a flight
Up into foreign skies
Leave me alone
Don't care what you do
Seems like it's all the same
Spare me your garbage
Spare me your shame
Go take a hitch hike
Go take a be road
Go take the dirt sleep
Go carry the can
Leave me alone

Written by COXON, GRAHAM
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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