Inva Mula-Tchako

Inva Mula-Tchako

Top Songs

La rondine, Act 2: "Nella trepida luce d’un mattin" (Una voce interno, Un uoma che fischia)
La rondine, Act 2: "Ti prego, dignità, grazia, contegno!" (Prunier, Lisette)
La rondine, Act 1: "T'amo! Mentil" (Prunier, Lisette)
La rondine, Act 3: "È qui? … Non so!" (Lisette, Prunier)
La rondine, Act 1: "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta" (Prunier, Magda)



Soprano Inva Mulla-Tchako has a notable international career, though she is best known to the world at large for one of the strangest operatic portrayals in film history. The singer (whose name is rendered by various sources as Inva Mula Tchako, Inva Mulla Tchako, Inva Mulla-Tchako, and simply Inva Mula) studied (singing and piano) in her native city of Tirana, Albania. In 1987, she won the first prize in the Singer of Albania competition. After the fall of the Stalinist governm... Read more

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