Where We Belong

Shiver, 4 minutes

Where We Belong
  • Where We Belong


Rodney Good

Say goodbye - maybe that's one way to go
Walk away and say it's over, call it history
Do I believe we'd better off apart?
Can I see my world without you in it?
Baby, not for a single minute

Let the moon give up the night
All the stars leave heaven on high
The sun would burn out before I'd ever lose you
We can get over any wall
If we have to fly, run, climb, or crawl
Love will always lead us back
Where we belong

Just today I woke up shakin' from a dream
I got a glimpse of life without you
All the good was gone
Then I realized you were lying next to me
I knew right then, baby, come whatever
When the going gets tough, we'll face it together


Baby, all we got to do is reach out
No laying blame, no guilty party
Lay our daggers down on the ground
Hold each other and say we're sorry


Love is gonna let us back
Where we belong

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