Can't B Good

Discipline, 4 minutes

Can't B Good
  • Can't B Good



"I can't believe I let this happen to me
It always ends up not good
This why I know this can't be good"

Open my eyes first thing I see
Your lively smile smiling at me
Kiss my forehead up out of bed
Off to start your day here in bed I stay
Thinking bout last night playing in my mind
When you touch me there
Ooh ooh it feels so right...

What am I doing
Get up out of bed
To myself thinking

This can't be good
(This can't be good)
This can't be good
(This can't be good)
This can't be oh

What's going on what's happening to me
Promised myself I would never let this be
Never again, never that way

Cut me so deep that I haven't been the same
What I feel right now, I felt before
When I hear your name
And my feelings are floored
I'm fighting it but I can't
But I don't know if I should
The one thing I know
This can't be good babe


Oh I think I'm falling in love again (oh no)
Told myself I never would
I think I'm falling in love again
This cannot be good


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