My Foolish Heart

Fearless, 3m 37sec

My Foolish Heart
  • My Foolish Heart


Jazmine Sullivan

My foolish heart it made me fall in love with him.
I know it goes with how it's feeling.
My foolish heart was broken when he left us in the cold.
Now I'm left to fix the pieces.

I told you once I told you twice, the next time I won't be so nice.
You so quick to give it up, when you don't think about us. (you don't think about us)
I won't let you keep (keep) hurting me, if you gone keep causing me pain.
I won't let you keep (keep) hurting me, I'm 'bout to take you out the game.

My foolish heart will jump into the deepest of the seas, even if it cannot swim.
My foolish heart will trust just anyone, it's so naive.
And I'm left to save it again.


I can't take another broken heart.
Maybe we should spend time apart.
Oh Oh Oh.
Driving me crazy, I can't take it no more.
Maybe we should spend time apart.

[Chorus: x2]

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