Jill Scott

The Way

Who Is Jill Scott? - Words and Sounds, Vol. 1,4 mins, 15 secs

The Way
  • The Way


Jill Scott

Woke up this morning
With a smile on my face
Jumped out of bed, took a shower
Cleaned up my place
Made me some breakfast
Two scrambled eggs
Grabbed my keys, grabbed my purse
Grabbed my jacket, off to work
Beaming all the way
Down third

Is it the way
You love me baby?
Is it the way
You love me baby? (yeah)

Four thirty
Can't wait to get home
(oh Jill, I know you're coming out with us tonight)
Naw girl, I got something else to do
(Damn Jill, I know you're not gon' be frontin' on your girls, come on)
Go 'head, really get your groove on
'Cause tonight my man's coming through
(awww, yeah!)
We gon' have to connect some other time
(well, that's cool, I understand)
As much as I like to shake my thing on the dance floor
I got a funny, nasty game in mind
(I hear that)
Tonight, I'm gonna beat the high score
(ooooo, girl)

Is it the way
You love me baby?
Is it the way
You love me baby? (yeah)

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