Joe Diffie

Wrap Me In Your Love

Mr. Christmas, 3m 14sec

Wrap Me In Your Love
  • Wrap Me In Your Love


Joe Diffie

Turn out the lights
We just need the lights from the tree
The kids are in bed
Baby it's just you and me
Side by side, the fire is bright on this, oh so, blessed night

The gifts lying there
Cannot compare to the love you give
Sealed with a kiss
For as long as I live
Ribbons and bows could never show all that I want; you know

I want to take you in my arms tonight
And keep the fire burning bright
'Cause if the best things in life are free
There's nothing you could buy for me
Your presence is enough
Wrap me in your love

Look into the night
There's a star in the sky that I see
It's come so far
To shine its light for you and me
As if it knows I'm holding you close, underneath the mistletoe


Your presence is enough
Wrap me in your love

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