Kai Wessel

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    "Erschallet, ihr Lieder", BWV 172: I. Chorus, "Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten!"Kai Wessel
    "Erschallet, ihr Lieder", BWV 172: II. Recitative, "Wer mich liebet" (Bass)Kai Wessel
    "Erschallet, ihr Lieder", BWV 172: III. Aria, "Heiligste Dreieinigkeit" (Bass)Kai Wessel
    "Erschallet, ihr Lieder", BWV 172: IV. Aria, "O Seelenparadies" (Tenor)Kai Wessel
    "Erschallet, ihr Lieder", BWV 172: V. Aria, "Komm laß mich nicht länger warten" (Soprano & Alto Duet)Kai Wessel

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        Countertenor Kai Wessel is largely associated with Baroque repertory, but he also sings a fair amount of contemporary music, including his own compositions as well as works written for him. As a composer he has produced much vocal music and a significant number of instrumental compositions, including solo works for piano, harpsichord, and violin, as well as chamber music and other mostly small-scale compositions. As a singer Wessel has been involved with two early music groups, ... Read more

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