Priceless, 4 minutes

  • Again


Kelly Price

Sorry I never meant to hurt you
You know I really love you and
If you give me one more chance I'll
Prove it to you
Stop! 'Cause I don't wanna hear it
Please don't say your same old speech
Another time. I think I have it

Again, boy you lied to me
Again, and you're hurting me again
I've made up my mind and I won't take you
Back this time
Again don't start calling me
Again no apologies again
I won't change my mind
I won't take you back this time.

I'm sorry; those words for you are easy.
You think that they appease me but I know now
They're just two words you use to play me.
Stop! 'cause I will not believe it. this time I'm
Leaving all the hurt and pain behind so
I can just be happy once again

Happy once again
This time I will find someone to love me
And find someone to really be my friend
Happy once again
Never will I let another hurt me
Like you hurt me so, again

Written by PRICE, KELLY
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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