Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana

Love Is an Open Door

NOW That's What I Call Disney 3, 2m 05sec

Love Is an Open Door
  • Love Is an Open Door


Kristen Bell

Okay, can I just, say something crazy?

I love crazy!

All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bump into you

I was thinking the same thing! �Cause like
I've been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it's the party talking or the chocolate fondue

But with you
But with you

I found my place
I see your face

And it's nothing like I've ever known before!
Love is an open door!
Love is an open door!
Love is an open door!

With you!
With you!
With you!
With you!

Love is an open door

I mean it's crazy

We finish each other's

That's what I was gonna say!

I've never met someone

Who thinks so much like me!
Jinx! Jinx again!
Our mental synchronization
Can have but one explanation

And I

Meant to be!

Say goodbye
Say goodbye

To the pain of the past
We don't have to feel it anymore!

Love is an open door!
Love is an open door!
Life can be so much more!

With you!
With you!!
With you!!!
With you!!!!

Love is an open door

Can I say something crazy?
Will you marry me?

Can I say something even crazier? Yes!

Published by Walt Disney Music Publishing Company

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