Le'Andria Johnson

Sooner Or Later

The Awakening of Le'Andria Johnson, 4m 19sec

Sooner Or Later
  • Sooner Or Later


Le'Andria Johnson

Now I know, that what you're going through
It seems a little rough right now
And I know the smile on your face
Has been turned upside down
It never feels good, mm when you're going through
But you can rest assured, that his word is always true
It's not over, until God get through
There's no secret to what God can do

Sooner or later (My God will turn it around)
Is going to turn it around (If you would with me say yes)
Yes, yes, yes

Now I know mm that the storms of life
Are raging, right now
The word of God says, it's going to get better, yeah
But you cry out to the Lord, saying where, when, and how
Well I read in my bible, where it says, where it says
Weeping may endure for night, yeah
I know mm that joy is going to come, yes it is
In the morning light

(Sooner) Sooner or later
(My God will) Is going to turn it around
(Say it with me now yes)
Yes, yes, yes
Our time is not Gods' time
He's got it all in control
So you'll be fine
Don't you ever give up
It's going to fill you with love

He'll never leave you
Nor forsake you
He'll be right there 'till the end
So just keep your eyes on him

Sooner or later
(My God will) Is going to turn it around
(You know it say yes)
Yes, yes, yes

(I believe it) I believe it
(I receive it) I receive it
(He's going to turn it around) He's going to turn it around
(That's why I will say yes)
Yes, yes, yes
(yeah yeah!)
(I know, I know, I know)
He's going to to turn it around, my God will
The darkness will turn into light, yes it will, he will yeah!

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