Hood Stuck


Back For The First Time, 4m 21sec

Hood Stuck
  • Hood Stuck



Eastside, eastside nigga what?
(Eastside, eastside nigga what?)
I'm talk bout the Westside, westside nigga what?
(Westside, westside nigga what?)
Northside, northside nigga what?
(Northside, northside nigga what?)
Southside, southside nigga what?
(Southside, southside nigga what?)

Good luck, time to get hood stuck
Caldasac trap, Mr. Good Stuff
Ludacris give me 20 push-ups
Last summer, got the hook up
You know what I did
Who'd ever thought up they grew up on one of the BeBe Kids
Type of rat, sat on my ass
And fiendin' for cash
Almost got signed with Puff Puff, but I think I'll pass
Now what we got 'round here is a 20-20 twins
and whats up in my hand, is a bottle of Gin
I love women so I'm in it to win it
In it to green
In it to get in it and get in it again
You got two booties so you whipping yo chin
And I don't blame you
I lay in the sand, y'all lay in the snow and make angels
My ice piece dangle
make my chest look older
Touch it and fall apart like yo High school folder
I'ma Trojan man, BHS hall supplier
Shady park resident and southside Rider


Get back, time to get hood jacked
Gold chain, took that
World of Ghetto fabulous Dopeboys and Hoodrats
Be careful what you look at
cause you looking to long
You might go blind in my briefs cause my dick is too long
I'm getting nutt while I'm singin this song
and there is enough for everybody in da party
while y'all hitting th bong
But y'all be hitting my schlong
you play the flute quite nicely
When teeth interrupt, you can watch as I get fiesty
Oh no, you suckers didn't request back up
Broads I seem to rack up
When I pull the gold actor
Get slapped up
Drove up the wall
Put it in Reverse
you can hope for the best, but expect the worst
You at a place like some D's on a Hurst
Its quite funny
Phat Rabbit, playboy bunny
It seems as if that's what I need
Filthy south and D's
That's why I roll in from the Southside breeze
Give it to me now


Your pick time to get hood sick
Hit'em wit a good lick
Clean out yo house from the couch to the toothpick
EastSide Ruthless
WestSide leave 'em clueless
My Northside mackers got dis broads acting foolish
And do this for a living
while you stuck up in yo cubicle
Nightlife running dis streets, it sounds beautiful
Women break a cuticle
Ballas break bread
Southside, I represent it till I'm dead
What what

[Chorus: x2]

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