Michelle Williams

Hello Heartbreak

Hello Heartbreak - THE REMIXES, 4m 07sec

Hello Heartbreak
  • Hello Heartbreak


Michelle Williams

Hello hello hello heartbreak
Hello hello hello heartbreak

I got a strange connection to pain
I can't seem to walk away from hurt
I'm always running into dangers

I need protection in case
Why is infatuation what I long for
It cuts me deeper
I'm still hurting more

Hello heartbreak
It's good to see you
Happiness came
But it just let's me down
(Hello hello hello heartbreak)
Hey there sadness
I know I need you
Cause when all else fails
You'll always be around
(Hello hello hello heartbreak)

I got this huge attraction to you
I must be going out my mind
Wasting time
I'm hurting deep inside

[Chorus: x2]

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