Just For You

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Just For You
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Yo-are you ready for this one

Gonna mix blend rip up the track, New determination can you fell that, we fly
On virgin to countries and back, Talk the talk as we wave the flag, Now how you
Liking that,Distribute likes stores in a street,where people of the town are so
Quick to speech ya, greet ya, teach ya, I'm just Alesha, now I'm getting
Stressed, more pressure, more debts, I'm just trying to make a living for me,
Free ya mind and let people be, why does there always have to be jealousy,
There's nuff room for you and nuff room for me, I'm gonna flip this script just
One more time I'm a...

We ain't going nowhere, we're staying right here, cause we do it just for you
And that's the truth, we ain't going nowhere, we're uk's finest, brightest
Shining stars

It's su-elise and now it's time for me to say my piece, And you should know
Hold it down for the souht everyeherewe go, Gonna wreck the uk coz that's my
Home, Sometimes my peeps they be tripping and thas OK, its just wordds and
That's this game, Never care'bout the money, never asked for the fame, Su-Elise
One out of the three as long as there's a group that you call MIs-Teeq, you'll
Regret the day you ever doubted me, Quite but deadly if you rteally want to know
Ask me, Never rude maybe a little feisty, I tought you knew-bad gyals move in


La di la da di when it comes to be I rock the party, So throw ya hands in the
Air everybody, I'm a throw it one time for the party, oh my gosh got love for
The ones who hold it down for me, oh my gosh got love for my sisters and the
Real MCs, love the mic but I choose to sing, now let me take ya back to the old
Skool beat, Sabrins yeah you know I'm sexy and you know it, and the way I spit
Can't nobody do it better so


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