The Wolf

Rock 'N' Roll, 3 minutes

The Wolf
  • The Wolf



We never see the evil deed,
Nobody cares as long as they got what they need
Don�t look for help, under attack,
Blind eyes are daggers, gonna stab you in the back
The wolf is at your door,
The wolf

This ain�t the time, to talk of love
That word�s forgotten when the fist is in the glove,
Don�t you rely, on passers by,
They�d sooner look, the other way, and let you die
The wolf is at your door,
The wolf

Don�t ask for why, don�t ask for help,
Don�t ask for anything, that you can�t do yourself
The wolf is here, he�s at your side
You better fight him, or it�s you that�s gonna die,
The wolf is at your door,
The wolf


Written by Burston, Michael / Campbell, Philip / Kilmister, Ian / Taylor, Philip John
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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