Wat Da Hook Gon Be

Murphy's Law, 3m 45sec

Wat Da Hook Gon Be
  • Wat Da Hook Gon Be


Murphy Lee

feat. Jermaine Dupri
[Intro: Murphy Lee]
Hahaha, yo, yo, yo, yo
You never met a nigga like me
Yo yo, have you ever seen a little dude
Who be doin what I do?
Uh huh, yo whoo!

[Verse: Murphy Lee]
Now what goes up, must come down (shiiett)
But we ain't coming down, it be them same ole' clowns
Aiming your pound pretending they proud
But when you leave town they go around they running the mouth (maaann)
They something like a hater man
Talking bad about a playa as if I'm not gon see ya later man
You constantly frontin until yo confronted on
If you don't like what's goin on go on to another song
Cause I keep a hater guilty
My cars and my money all alike man, both them filthy (get it?)
From skimpy and empty to fuel on full
See I be high when my car go Bulls
Obey no rules to school you fools
Schoolboy's err'why where, we're Young Dude news (maaann)

[Chorus - Repeat 2X]
[J.D:] But yo, what da hook gon' be (Uh Oh!)
[M.L:] See I don't need no fucking hook on this beat (Shiieet
All I need, is the track in the background
My headphones loud keep the blunt goin' round and I'ma rip

[Verse: Murphy Lee]
The sun'll come out.. tomorrow
And I will never have to borrow
Got my first car when I turned sixteen
Only drove it home outta town limosines
Plus we was broke wit a deal but nobody could tell
So we did what we had to do for "Country Grammar" to sell
Haha, I stay on my own melodies
Plus I like my Booties and my Boobs lik a capital letter 'be '
That's how it is, how it better be
I preferably rather have two or three girls in the bed wit me
Close you errs (ears) ma you ain't heard nothin (whaa?)
I always pay ma let a brother hold somethin
I'm basically coming from nothing to something
When I say nothing meaning pocket full of lint and buttons
(We all we got!) Used to be creative on halloween (how you gon?)
Stop a hotter teen went from nada to a lot of things

[Verse: Murphy Lee]
People always saying man it must be nice
No hi no nothing not a simple house life
Understand the money's good but I'm still from the hood
So don't be asking for no"inch" be expecting the "foot"
Unless you want a foot (whoo!)
I know a few crooks that can place you where you need to put
And it might not cost me playa
Got a Benz pepper interior, paint saly play
And we all push it, but me I push it real good
Brains blown out, chromed out, wheel real wood
Catch me on your local derrty
Or in the studio doing vocals derrty
I'm the same dude that came through wit my crew
Let the girls do me while you do you
And um, all I need is JD beat to be banging
And I'll come up wit these verses that I'm usually slanging
I be ripping man

[Chorus - Repeat 4X]

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